Thursday, March 19, 2009

What the???

So Autym asked me if she could have a blog, and I figured what the heck, we'll keep it private, and then I can print it out for her at Christmas. So I taught her how to log on and how to write stuff. She wanted to post a picture, so I did that for her. The next thing I know, I'm checking her blog and there are like 5 pictures on there. It's a 3 or 4 step process on our computer to get the pictures on. I had no idea she was even watching me to know how to post her own pictures. Kids are wayyyy too computer savvy!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Stake Conference

Well, I have to redeem myself for my last post.
Today was stake conference. I must admit that I always feel a little dread at sitting still for two hours, but I'm always so glad that I've gone to stake conference. 
For this conference, our ward choir was asked to sing. We only had a month's notice, so we have worked very hard and had extra rehearsals to get ready. We sang, "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing," ( one of my very favorites," and "I Need Thee Every Hour." Kelly Harris directed us, and did a great job. It is fun to watch her smiling face as we sing. I think we sounded all right, but several people told me they could hear me, and that was kind of distressing to me since we were a choir and I shouldn't have stood out. So I'll sing softer next time.
Autym asked me a couple of weeks ago if she could sing with me. What a joy it was to have Autym right next to me for the whole conference and to sing with me. She has such a beautiful mature voice. I can't wait to hear her as she progresses. I was also impressed with how still she sat for the two hours. It's not easy to be a 10 year old and sit on the stand, but she did wonderfully.
President Rainey introduced our new stake scripture which is, Enos 5 & 6: And there came a voice unto me saying: Enos, thy sins are forgiven thee, and thou shalt be blessed. And I, Enos, knew that God could not lie; wherefore, my guilt was swept away. 
Trevor Abrams from our ward gave a wonderful talk on missionary work. It was really fun to hear him and feel of his spirit. 
My favorite part was President Allred's talk when he spoke of how the Holy Ghost speaks softly, so we need to be in tune and ready to receive him. I am not very good at that. It's probably because I'm so loud that I can't hear the quiet of the Holy Ghost. I really hope to be better at that, and follow through when I receive inspiration.
I asked Jason what his favorite part was, and he said, "When it was over." In his defense, allegedly it was really hot. I was just fine, so it probably was really hot for everyone else. By the time it was done, he was so hot he wasn't feeling well. 

I got the last of the basil!

I shouldn't admit this, but there is a side of me that isn't very nice. If I see a sign that says, "Do not touch," the first thing I want to do is touch. If a sign says, "Keep off the grass," I want nothing more than to walk on the grass. I secretly want to say swear words out loud, and thought I was going to die a slow horrible death last night while my mom's friend talked non-stop for 3 hours (Don't worry mom, I'll never leave you).
So when I was at the grocery store yesterday, I saw that there was only one carton of fresh basil left in the produce section of WinCo. My heart was totally joyous that I was getting the last of the basil. I know, it's totally mean. So today as I  made pesto, my most favorite food ever, I still felt mean joy to know I got the last one, and no one else did. It made the pesto taste extra yummy to know it was from the last container. Yes, I'm sure they'll get more basil tomorrow, but today, my nasty self is content.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Strange Bedtime Goings On!

The other night I told Haydn to put his pajamas on. He is a warm sleeper, so most of the time he just sleeps in jammie pants. But when he came out in just his jammie pants, I told him he had to at least wear a shirt around the house. So this was his idea of putting on a shirt.

Autym wakes up almost every night and moves to the couch. Don't ask me why. OK, do ask me why. I end up on the couch when I can't sleep too. Lately Norrah has been doing the same thing. This is the scene we have woken up to the past few mornings.

Oh, and everyone beware of the little green guy that comes around on March 17. Norrah just informed me that Satan Patrick's day is coming up. HA!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My little flirt!

Anyone who knows Norrah knows what a flirt she is. From the day she was born, she has loved men. As a baby, she always let men hold her longer than women, and don't even get me started on the smiles she would give men. She's always had them wrapped around her little finger. When she started nursery, she would only go if there was a man in the room.
Now she is three, and still up to her flirtatious ways. Tonight she was at a birthday party. The little boy celebrating the birthday was given a lip sucker similar to the ones in our Valentine's day pictures. He didn't want them, and was heard saying, Lips! I don't want lips! I don't want to kiss any lips. To which Norrah replied, "I want to kiss lips!" He said, "Do you want my lips?" and Norrah answered with an emphatic "YES!" 
I'm sure it was purely innocent, but if you didn't know the source of the conversation and just heard it, you'd think she was up to her flirty ways again.