Sunday, December 14, 2008

Another crazy week!

Ha ha! Just when I think life might slow down a little, I have another busy week in which the laundry didn't get done, and the inside of the microwave is still disgusting.

I thought it might be a little less busy this week after all my craft shows were done, but this week, I had my Valley Voices dress rehearsal, Christmas concert, Vocal student recital, enrichment meeting where I had to sing, Christmas goodies to make for the neighbors and had to speak in Sacrament meeting. What fun!

Planning the Valley Voices concert took longer than I thought it would. Probably because I have been so busy with other things that I had put off small things that I usually have done by this time in the game. It doesn't seem like it should, but it takes a long time to get my costumes and performance CDs ready, to print out invitations and programs, and then to get the stage decorated and ready for performance. I also had to go down to Idaho Falls to pick up my students' t-shirts. The bonus was that I got the rest of my Christmas shopping done in the 2 extra hours I had to spend in Idaho Falls.

Anyway, my vocal recital went beautifully. My students all did so well! I was very proud of them! My valley voices concert also went amazingly well. The kids all had their lines memorized, did their songs and actions so cute, and I think it was very well received. My song for Enrichment meeting went well, my candy turned out yummy, and my talk which I finished last night at 12:30, got several compliments, and I am geared up for another busy week. I've stopped thinking that maybe life will slow down. I know it isn't, so I might as well enjoy the circus!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Stupid Jackson Cowboys and Hippies

In my last post, which was forever ago (1), I stated that I was neither funny or mean. While I am sure I will still not be funny in this post, I might be a little mean. 

(1) I have spent the last month and a half, working my bum off to get ready for a couple of craft shows. I have spent late nights, frustrating hours, nearly sanded my finger off with the belt sander (thank goodness for acrylic nails, and totally ruined a brand new manicure, all for a craft show in Jackson Hole that I had heard was a totally awesome, show. With a booth fee of $180, I expected great things, and felt like I needed to have a lot of product to offer. So I made wooden word blocks, tiles with vinyl sayings, frames with vinyl sayings, and still had some of my barnwood snowmen to sell, which I was promised would be sold out by noon. I also took lots of hair flowers for Brooke, and some handmade puzzles and belt buckles for our friend, Lee. I did 2 previous shows this year, in Afton, and Paris, Idaho, and had sold out almost all my stuff, so I had a week to make a crud load more to get ready for Jackson.

Jason and I spent the night in Jackson, so we wouldn't have to get up at 5:00 AM to make it to our scheduled 7:00 AM set up time. We set up in the freezing cold dark at the Snow King Ice rink. Yes, they cover the ice and have a craft show on top of the ice, which kept me kind of cold all day.

People started coming, and the first hour was fairly busy,  but nothing like I'd expected. Several people saying they loved my stuff and then passing by, which is fairly common. By noon, I still hadn't sold a single snowman. Also, by noon, the crowd had pretty much dissapated to a trickle. This wasn't looking good. 5 and a half more hours. There was a lady across from us that was selling beautiful Christmas wreaths with lots of flowers and ornaments on them. She finally came over and started talking to us. She had a thick accent and told us how sick she was of people coming over to her and telling her how beautiful her wreaths were, and then leaving. "You like it? You buy it!" was what she said. She ended up being from Brazil, so we talked to her for a while. 

Basically, as we walked around and talked to crafters, we found out that no one was doing well. We noticed that there were two types of people coming into the show. Cowboys. and Hippies. I have never seen so many people with strange ski hats and dread locks in my life. It was weird. People in Jackson don't own strollers, they own baby backpacks, and they must wear a ski hat at all times. I'm pretty sure all the people selling $60 ugly hats did great at that show. We also noticed a lot of really nasty looking furniture made out of horseshoes going out the door. The concensus was if it was cute, it didn't sell. 

Finally with about 3 hours left of the show, our cute Brazilian friend, handed us a beautiful wreath, gave me a kiss on the cheek, and wouldn't take anything in trade for it. How sweet!
By the end of the day, I hadn't sold one snowman, or any of Brooke's or Lee's stuff. My Brazilian friend and I started packing up a half hour early which was against the rules. Our philosophy was if we get caught, we risk the threat of not being invited back next year. OH NO!
I did trade out some stuff for a cute hat for Autym, some headbands, and an awesome beaded watch for me. I also made a friend from Bear Lake who says the Raspberry Days craft show is a good money maker every year, and I think I will try that one in August. So I guess the day wasn't a total wash, but I won't be doing that show again!