Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Crap Filled Twinkie

I stumbled upon this realization the other day when I was writing an email trying to explain the good intended, but poorly carried out actions of one friend to another friend. I typed out the words, "Bless her heart." It then occurred to me that the minute you hear the words, "Bless their heart," that you know it's going to be followed by something kinda bad. It's like saying, "Bless thier hearts," then excuses the bad comment that is sure to follow.
It's kind of like hearing the words, "No offense, but," Um, yeah, you know you are about to hear something that is going to totally offend you, but the offender now has the right to say it because he prefaced this comment with, "No offense." 
I was telling this observation to my dad this weekend, and he said, "Yeah, it's the crap filled Twinkie. You sugar coat the crap with the nice spongy cake so that you don't sound as hurtful. The crap filled Twinkie is closely related to the crap filled Oreo, in which the offender says, "You know I love you, but... (insert offensive comment here)...but you know I love you right?  
I thought the descriptions of the crap filled Oreo and Twinkie were pretty funny, and had to be shared here. If you're still reading, go ahead and say it! Bless your heart Tami, you know I love you, but your blog really sucks!--No offense! 

Monday, January 19, 2009

Homemade French Fries

First of all, I have to say that this blog thing is harder than I thought. Brooke, I need you to show me how to get all the cute things on my page, and how to even save my new page, cause I've tried to switch backgrounds a couple of times, and nothing happens.

When I was a kid we had a tradition on Snow Days. My mom would get out the deep fryer and make homemade french fries. This was such a huge treat for us! This was back in the dark ages when you didn't eat fast food at least once a week, so any kind of french fries were a treat, but there is just something about homemade french fries that is awesome. They are so greasy, and hot and yummy. We would eat them plateful after plateful.

Fast forward 20 years or so, and the snow day is a thing of the past, especially where I live. It could be snowing a foot an hour and the temperature 20 below zero, and the kids would still be in school. Last year every school for a 200 mile radius around us was closed except for us. We're Star Valley cowboys, we're tough, we can handle it. Okay, whatever. So I started having our own snow day on Martin Luther King Jr. Day (I think the PC way to say it is Civil Rights Day). Since we're never going to get out of school for a snow day, I might as well make my own right? It is fun to see my kids eating plateful after plateful of hot crispy golden homemade french fries. And, thanks mom, now it's easier with my new french fry cutter. Even now as my tummy is bulging, and I'm thinking, Why the heck did I eat that many french fries?" I'm still happy because I'm keeping old traditions and making new ones with my own kids.