Saturday, January 30, 2010

I got a few chances to sing in August. First I sang the National Anthem for the rodeo at the County Fair. Can you believe that's the first time I've ever sung the National Anthem as a solo? I as on a big sound system that really echoed. It was a little weird to hear myself sing and then hear the echo afterwards, but hopefully I sounded all right.
These pictures were taken while I was singing during the centennial celebration for the Afton tablernacle. I sang, "Orange Colored Sky," "Goin' to the Dance with You,"" Someone like You," and a new one I learned just for this called, "Girl in 14G." That was a total show off song. It took me a couple of weeks to learn it and get it down, but it is a blast to sing! It combines opera, jazz and belt mix all in one song. I hope I get the chance to sing it again some time.
Looking at these pictures also made me realize I needed to do something about my weight. Yikes! I have since lost 15 pounds since these pictures were taken. I'm going for another 15. I'll report on that as they come off.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jason's trip to Alaska!

Jason had fun in Alaska and caught lots of fish. He has the best wife in the world for letting him go! - This was a direct quote from Jason.
Jason went to Alaska in July. He traveled with his dad, uncle Kelly, Nathan, Russel, and uncle Ron. I was very sad that the rules on the planes have changed and they weren't allowed to bring home as much fish as he did the last two times they went. That's all I can write on this, as I wasn't there and Jason doesn't have much to say.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Cute pics of Norrah taken by Autym

Autym loves to take pictures of beautiful things. Here are some of her pictures that turned out especially nice!

The first day of School

The end of August brought a brand new school year for Autym and Haydn. And Norrah started pre-school in September. Autym was excited to be starting 6th grade, her last year at Osmond Elementary School. She got Mr. Erickson for her teacher. Some of her best friends this year at school are Matalya, Hannah, Shayla and Sydney. In fact the 5 of them have become pretty tight.

Haydn was glad to be starting his first year at Osmond in the 4th grade. He has Mr. Whitney for a teacher, and has enjoyed jerky making and pumpkin carving in class. He has learned how to play football during recess, and has become a very good writer.

Norrah was thrilled to start pre-school with Mrs. Kunz. Its a bit of a drive to get her there, but Mrs. Kunz came very highly recommended for pre-school. Every day is a new adventure at school for Norrah. She loves it when she is the special helper. Her best friends at school are Luke and Abby.

Norrah picked exactly what she was going to wear on the first day of school. She got to make a little paper girl that looked just like her.

Camping Trip

In August we went on a camping trip to Green River Lakes. This was a new place that we hadn't been before. It was very beautiful. I'm not a great camper, but I did my best. Jason made awesome hamburgers while we were there and of course we made s'mores around the fire. The only drawback was that there were a TON of mosquitoes there. We didn't realize that we only had a tiny bit of mosquito spray left. Luckily there were some very nice campers across the way from us who gave us a can of thiers.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Wonderful World of Valley Voices!

April found it Valley Voices time again! We had such a fun show prepared: The Wonderful World of Disney! We sang songs from "Beauty and the Beast," "The Little Mermaid," "High School Musical," Disneyland, and more! The kids did great! I love watching them perform and sing to their parents! This year marked my 3rd year teaching Valley Voices, and my first year with all three of my children in the show. What a joy! I have the greatest job in the whole world! I truly love teaching music to kids!

A Very Wicked Easter!

Easter weekend found us in Salt Lake visiting Mike & Heather, Gregg & Marthea, and Lynzi. Mom got us all tickets for Wicked nearly a year before, and we had been waiting no so patiently for 10 months for Wicked to come to Salt Lake city. Our tick
ets landed on Easter weekend, so we combined our Wicked trip with the Easter Holiday at Heather's house for one very Wicked
It's a Hale tradition to use Whopper Easter Eggs to color our lips blue.

New Easter Clothes

The kids were moving so fast trying to find Easter eggs that I hardly got a picture!
Jason, Autym and me getting ready to go to the show!

We went with Lynzi, Marthea, Mom and Dad

I'll probably get arrested for having these pictures. Right after we took them some not very nice usher told us it was against the law to take pictures of the stage. OK, well, we still have the pictues. Oops.