Friday, January 15, 2010

The first day of School

The end of August brought a brand new school year for Autym and Haydn. And Norrah started pre-school in September. Autym was excited to be starting 6th grade, her last year at Osmond Elementary School. She got Mr. Erickson for her teacher. Some of her best friends this year at school are Matalya, Hannah, Shayla and Sydney. In fact the 5 of them have become pretty tight.

Haydn was glad to be starting his first year at Osmond in the 4th grade. He has Mr. Whitney for a teacher, and has enjoyed jerky making and pumpkin carving in class. He has learned how to play football during recess, and has become a very good writer.

Norrah was thrilled to start pre-school with Mrs. Kunz. Its a bit of a drive to get her there, but Mrs. Kunz came very highly recommended for pre-school. Every day is a new adventure at school for Norrah. She loves it when she is the special helper. Her best friends at school are Luke and Abby.

Norrah picked exactly what she was going to wear on the first day of school. She got to make a little paper girl that looked just like her.

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