Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Very Wicked Easter!

Easter weekend found us in Salt Lake visiting Mike & Heather, Gregg & Marthea, and Lynzi. Mom got us all tickets for Wicked nearly a year before, and we had been waiting no so patiently for 10 months for Wicked to come to Salt Lake city. Our tick
ets landed on Easter weekend, so we combined our Wicked trip with the Easter Holiday at Heather's house for one very Wicked
It's a Hale tradition to use Whopper Easter Eggs to color our lips blue.

New Easter Clothes

The kids were moving so fast trying to find Easter eggs that I hardly got a picture!
Jason, Autym and me getting ready to go to the show!

We went with Lynzi, Marthea, Mom and Dad

I'll probably get arrested for having these pictures. Right after we took them some not very nice usher told us it was against the law to take pictures of the stage. OK, well, we still have the pictues. Oops.

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