Saturday, September 12, 2009

Disneyland 2009

We loooove Disneyland! We weren't going to go this year, because we just went last year, but the Normans asked us if we wanted to go with themand stay in their time-share condo over Spring Break. Well, how could we pass that up? On our way we stayed in St. George and did a little hiking in the red rocks.
We had the best time at Disneyland. Lisa went online to It is a website that will plot out your day for you after you tell it what you want to do. It even leaves time for bathroom and meal breaks. They guarantee that they have researched the patterns of people and what rides will bethe least busy at certain times. So with our ridemaxplot in hand we made it to the front of the line and were there before the rope dropped on Monday morning. With the help of ridemax, we didn't wait in a single line longer than about 5 minutes with just a few exceptions. It was awesome! I'll never go to Disneyland without ridemax again! Because of all the
time we saved, we were able to do things and go places in Disneyland I've never seen before. We loved Billy Hill and the Hillbillies inside the Golden Horseshoe restaurant. We went to pirate island, and saw all the 3D shows that I've never seen. For lunch on the last day of our trip, we went to the Blue Bayou, home of the $30 Monte Cristo sandwich. We had been there before, but the Normans hadn't. I felt bad because half the fun of being in that restaurant is the people on Pirates of the Carribean riding past as you eat. But the ride was down as we were eating which was an expensive bummer. Oh well! The trip was a blast, with lots and lots of
pictures to show for it!
Haydn, Makenna and Norrah at the Blue Bayou. Hope they enjoyed that $16 mac 'n cheese!

Toon Town: Jason's favorite place in Disneyland. :)

Waiting for Toy Story 3D our new favorite ride!

In front of Tower of Terror, my favorite ride. Both times the 4 of us went on this ride together, we tried to blow a kiss to the camera inside the ride, and both times our picture didn't turn out, so we did it ourselved in front of the ride.
Corndog Castle is my "Happiest place on Earth!"
Bug's life. The 3-D movie is fun!
Norrah and mom with Minnie Mouse. One of the advantages of being alone with Norrah while everyone else went on the big rides. Time with some of the characters. Jason and Lisa made me wear the Fanny Pack and the tennis shoes. Disneyland is not fashion center!
Indiana Jones, Haydn's favorite ride!
Norrah posing inside the "O" of California Adventure
Haydn posing inside the "N"
Mom and Norrah on the teacups
Autopia. The ride really shoud be called, "Auto-my foot is cramping, how much longer is this ride?"
Winnie the Pooh
In front of the Matterhorn
Classic Disney Pic
Waiting for Dumbo
Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters
Right after Space Mountain
In line for, and boarding It's a Small World.
Waiting for Honey I Shrunk the Audience 3D show.
Splash Mountain. Norrah was exactly tall enough. Don't tell the worker that I put flowers in her hair, and wedge shoes on her just to make her tall enough.
Dad and Haydn checking out the map!
Getting ready to enter as soon as the rope drops

Hannah, Haley, and Norrah on the Storybook boats.

Haydn and Makenna, great buds.

What cute girls!