Friday, November 14, 2008

Be Patient

I first heard about blogging several years ago when I used to chat on a scrapbooking message board. There was some lady on the message board who had a blog where she made fun of all the other ladies on the board. There was all kinds of buzz about the nasty things she wrote. I never read her blog, but figured blogging must be a bad thing, and vowed I would never do it. 

Then my sister started a blog. She is a professional writer and her blog is hilarious to read. 

I am neither a mean person, nor a professional writer (although I just impressed myself on the correct usage of "neither/nor"). So I'm pretty sure this will be very very boring. You don't even have to read my posts if you happen upon this blog. I just wanted a place to keep a journal. So here's to future boring, senseless posts and lots of fun family memories! I hope you enjoy. And by you, I mean me, my mom, and perhaps my sister.